Finally. A Smart, Clean Solution.

Masada is a multinational company that develops projects to convert ordinary household garbage into ethanol and diesel fuel.

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With our ethanol process, there is no need to use arable land that could otherwise be used to grow food, thereby eliminating the "Food vs. Fuel" issue.

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We can recycle and reuse up to 90% of all waste that would otherwise be buried in a landfill.

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Our process allows us to produce a clean, renewable fuel near urban markets, where demand is highest.

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What we do

Masada is working to solve the world’s garbage problems.

  • Worldwide, landfills are closing due to capacity limitations. Waste generation is increasing, yet governmental authorities are hesitant to permit the construction of new landfills.
  • Community leaders are beginning to understand that landfilling is no longer a sustainable solution for handling the disposal of waste.

How does Masada plan to solve these problems, you ask?

By converting ordinary household garbage into fuel for our cars.

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Why we do it...

  1. To eliminate the need for landfills.

  2. To create new “green” jobs for local infrastructure and economic development.

  3. To help save the oceans from the ever-growing mounds of garbage we throw in it.

  4. To reduce countries’ dependency on foreign oil.

  5. To produce ethanol without using food as a feedstock.

The CES OxyNol™ Process

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The magic behind it...

Truth is, there is no magic. Every step of the process has long been proven.

  • Waste preparation systems and ethanol production facilities are abundant and have long operating histories.
  • The conversion of cellulose to sugars was proven at industrial scale in the USA and Europe as early as the 1920s.

We just learned how to do it better.

Our core technology was actually developed by German scientists during WWII. The company merely updated, refined and enhanced the German technology to make it more commercially viable.

The CES OxyNol™ process addresses three common issues that often plague similar waste-to-fuel technologies:

  1. Waste Handling and Preparation of Feedstock
  2. Sugar and Acid Recovery
  3. Negative Cost Feedstock
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The Numbers


The amount of DIESEL FUEL we can produce per day, per project.

50 million

The amount of ETHANOL we can produce per year, per project.

1 billion

The combined VOLUME OF WASTE we can divert from landfills over the life of our projects.

It certainly didn't happen overnight...


TVA / DOE alternative fuel process development

1993 - 1995

CES OxyNol Proof of Concept Design and Cost Estimate (Arthur Straubing & Assoc.)


Preliminary Project Design - Simons Engineering

1997 - 1998+

Pilot Testing at TVA with Harris Group & R.W. Beck

1998 - 1999

Process Design Basis and refining of operating parameters (Harris Group / Stone & Webster)


System Process Insurance binder (USD $225 MM)

3rd party due diligence on process efficacy

2000 - 2002+

FEED Package, EPC candidates, NYSDEC & USEPA permits

2003 - 2004

EPC nominations and negotiations

2004 - 2006

Permit renewals - Management transition

2007 - 2008

Global deployment, alternate configurations

2008 - Present

International market development

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And we couldn't have done it alone...

There were numerous individuals and entities that contributed to the development of our technology and opened doors for us to deploy it internationally on a commercial scale. Each of these individuals and entities have recognized and respected experience and expertise in this industry, and we are proud to have them on our team.

Donald V. Watkins

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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David J. Webster, P.E.

Chief Technology Consultant

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Ralph Malone

Vice President for Program Management (Markets)

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David Minkin

General Counsel

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Thurbert E. Baker

Global Marketing Consultant

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Dr. Amin Y. Ghanem

General Manager - MENA Region

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Allen Rossum

Vice President for Project Development-Latin America

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Jessica Verduzco

Risk Mitigation Officer

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Where we work

Our project pipeline spans forty-seven international markets:

Click here for a full listing of our project locations.