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About Us

Masada Resource Group, LLC, is a multinational company with market and project development activities in forty-seven international markets to convert municipal solid waste into ethanol.

Masada provides comprehensive, long-term waste management solutions for municipalities that are seeking alternatives to landfilling. Rather than proposing an expensive and ineffective recycling program, Masada offers a solution that fits within the existing waste management framework and does not require citizens to change their consumption habits or lifestyles.

The company is one of the leading US exporters of waste-to-energy technologies. The CES OxyNol™ process, which is the company’s core technology, was developed and refined through a research and development partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Auburn University and the Tennessee Valley Authority. The technology was first introduced by German synthetic fuel scientists during World War II.

Masada began exporting the CES OxyNol™ process in November of 2007 through strategic business alliances with established waste management companies and landfill operators.

This technology, when deployed through Masada’s innovative business model, is capable of producing a gallon of fuel for less than a dollar. The CES OxyNol™ process can produce a gallon of ethanol for approximately $.85.